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Camila Escobar

 Camila Escobar


Camila Escobar
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Camila Escobar is a Colombian Photographer/Artist currently living and working in MontréaL

She completed her BFA in Photography at Concordia University in Montreal and an MEA in Photography. Video and Related Media from The School oí Visual Arts in New York City.

Her work has been exhibited in Canada.The United States. Sweden and Colombia


2017 Graduating Students Exhibition. SVA Gallery - Chelsea. New York

2017 Land/Form. Usagi NY - DUMBO. New York

2017 BASE. Industry City - Brooklyn. New York

2016 Pop Up Show. K&P Gallery - Chelsea. New York City

2012 Photo 400 Graduating Students Exhibition. VAV Gallery. Montreal-Quebec

2012 Photo Concertó. Concordia University. Montreal-Quebec


2017 Impermanencia. Galería Sin Titulo. Bogotá-Colombia

2013 Terrains. Pony Sugar Gallery. Stockholm-Sweden

2009 Continuing Dialogue. Eva-B Gallery. Montréal-Canada
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