Zuan Carreño

Bucaramanga, Santander


Figura Humana, Figura


Zuan Carreño 






A ColArte

Bucaramanga, 1975

Colombian fashion photographer available for editorial and commercial assignments worldwide.

Born 1975 in Bucaramanga, Colombia (South América) from a couple of painters.
At the age of 15, make his first shots using the Rolleiflex of his father.
1998-2005: photographs people in his city while earning a living as an 3D animator and Web designer. He travels around the world learning about fashion, beauty and photography.
2006: decides to devote himself exclusively to photography.
2007 : settles in Bogota

I get really obsessed with the person I am photographing. Some photographers treat models like models and they dont want to know anything about them. They want them to be a blank canvas that you go and paint with. Me, I like people. I realized some time ago that a part of my life is my work and its the biggest part of my life. So unless I enjoy this person that I am photographing, my life can be pretty boring if I treat them just like a blank canvas.

Tomado de http://www.zuanc.com/color-photography.html 

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fotografia fashion en Sur America

  fotografia de moda masculina
  http://joseluisavilaherrera.blogspot.com/2007/09/zuan-carreo-fotgrafo-de-moda-colombiano.html  (recomendado)